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Music is the most proven learning tool on the planet!

We combine educational books with cool music to make K-5th grade reading practice fun and accelerate improvement.

  • Reading along with music uses 3X more of the brain.
  • Every 15 minute lesson uses 4 proven strategies to help kids improve skills
  • Every story offers fluency practice and 4 levels of interactive comprehension (literal, inferential, complex and critical thinking).
Music makes reading fun, accelerates improvement, and kids LOVE using L2L!

Available to Parents, Individual Teachers, Schools and Districts.     Compatible with iPads, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers.

Reading Comprehension and Fluency Activities Integrating Multiple Subjects for K - 5 Students

Assign for use independently by students during reading centers, or as whole group reading fluency and comprehension mini lessons.


letter F

Subject Integration: Language Arts
Skills: Tracking, Rhyming, Consonant Blends, Literal Comprehension, Text to Self
WPM: Under 60
Lexile: Under 80

1st Grade

Am I Dreaming

Subject Integration: Language Arts
Skills: Citing Details, Compare and Contrast, Fluency, Point of View, Inference and Reasoning
WPM: 100
Lexile: 90

2nd Grade

Three States of Matter

Subject Integration: Science/Matter
Skills: Fluency, Vocabulary, Main Idea, Citing Details, Compare and Contrast
WPM: 135
Lexile: 510

3rd Grade

Writing Process

Subject Integration: Writing/Essays
Skills: Sequence of Events, Author's Purpose, Research, Figurative Language, Fluency, Constructed Response, Citing Details
WPM: 155
Lexile: 400

4th Grade


Subject Integration: Perseverance
Skills: Character Traits, Figurative Language, Synonyms, Research, Constructed Response, Citing Details
WPM: 180
Lexile: 420

5th Grade

Abe Lincoln

Subject Integration: History/Presidents
Skills: Summarizing, Citing Details, Fluency, Vocabulary, Character Traits, Main Idea, Constructed Response, Identifying Significant Events
WPM: 200
Lexile: 660

Lefty Lyric guides students through fluency practice followed by literal, inferential, and constructed response activities.


Students improve reading fluency, background knowledge, reading comprehension and test taking skills. Analyze results by class, student, concept, common core depth of knowledge and more.