Students Read/Listen/Track and answer questions


3 levels of Questioning/Test taking Strategies to go with both fluency and assessment lessons.
Data displayed by class, student, concept, common core depth of knowledge, gender, ethnicity and more.
Lefty Lyric Guides lessons and encourages students to look in the text for answers.

Music is Fun, Powerful and Stimulates
Nearly Every Portion of the Brain!

We fuse music with 15 minute reading centers and lessons.
Kids become fluent readers, deep thinkers and enjoy educational stories.


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“For the first time, 100% of my kids are reading at or above grade level. Thanks L2L!” B.H.
1st grade teacher in Colorado.
“My kids literally beg me to use L2L during our reading rotations!”
4th grade teacher in MN
"My student completed her NWEA and gained 8 lexile points in 3.5 months working with Lyrics2Learn. She is only 3 points away from being proficient. The expected growth, according to NWEA, is 5 lexile points in one year! She surpassed that expectation in less than 4 months. I am so thrilled for her, and this program was a huge part of me being able to target her specific needs and tap into her learning style.... She wants to be a fluent reader before hitting middle school in September. Had to share - Kudos to you and Lyrics2Learn!"
Tammy B.
Reading Tutor
Yarmouth, Maine
"As public funds for the arts are decreasing and school systems across the country are cutting arts education, along comes L2L with an amazing concept that teaches children to read with music and rhyme. Not only are students engaged and motivated to learn how to read, but they are exposed to several styles of music."
George W. Russell Jr.
Professor of Harmony
Berklee College of Music
"As an educator, professor, and perhaps, most importantly a parent of two young elementary school kids, I am pleased to be a part of Lyrics2Learn and to endorse the program. The combination of creative, well produced contemporary music, with thoughtful and effective lyrics is, without a doubt, a compelling way to deliver content at the highest level. I have no doubt L2L is, and can be, a program that will be of benefit to individuals and large school systems alike."
Michael Farquharson
Professor of Contemporary Writing and Production
Berklee College of Music