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Explains Lyrics2Learn
Ms. Hardy Achieves
100% Proficiency!
achieve 100% proficiency in the classroom using lyrics2learn!
Students Read/Listen/Track and answer literacy center questions


3 levels of Questioning/Test taking Strategies to go with both reading fluency and assessment lessons.
Data displayed by class, student, concept, common core depth of knowledge, gender, ethnicity and more.
Lefty Lyric Guides reading center lesson and encourages students to look in the text for answers.

K-6 Multi-Sensory Reading Centers to
Improve Reading Fluency & Comprehension

Our 15 minute interactive reading centers fuse rhythm and rhyme with repeated reading, choral reading, leveled quizzes, and immediate feedback.


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Free 2 Week Trial
Free 2 Week Trial



“Teachers, parents and kids were excited about this reading program, and the improvement results from Lyrics2learn were shown at the end of the year during testing.”




Mrs. Long, Principal at Martinez Elementary
“I love that it only takes a few minutes to set up my students. Once I taught a few lessons whole group, my kids could use it during literacy centers and for homework. It’s also an easy way to take 3 grades each week.”


Mrs. Szostak, 2nd grade teacher
“Lyrics2learn is awesome! I didn’t even know it was for reading. I thought it was just for fun and to hang with Mr. S.”




Morgan, 4th grade student
“The students I have using L2L have shown more enthusiasm and a higher level of participation during reading. They have also improved their fluency and comprehension scores. This has been a great addition to our school.”



Mr. Norkoli, 3rd grade teacher
“When I first started Lyrics2learn, I was so excited because I never did something so fun! At first, I wasn’t doing so good cuz I wasn’t from here, but now I’m doing very good. I went from a bad start to a good finish."



Isa, 1st grade ISL student
“I had kids make absolutely huge gains with Lyrics2learn when they had made very little gains through the first half of the year without the program.”



Mrs. Daugherty, 5th grade teacher
I only had one student on Lyrics2learn, and she went from intensive to proficient! I’ll be using this with all of my students next year.”




Mrs. Brown, 4th grade teacher
“100% of my kids made benchmark, and over 60% of them doubled it when I used Lyrics2learn as a reading center every week.”


Mrs. Hardy, 1st grade teacher