Third Grade Reading Comprehension & Reading Fluency Lessons

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Lyrics2learn offers lessons to teach and test:

  • Letter sound and recognition
  • Word Families
  • Sight words (Fry List)
  • Digraphs
  • Long and short vowels
  • Character building
  • Literal comprehension and inference
...and a full K-5th grade reading program to accelerate learning!

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Day 1 Writing Process Quiz – Apply Text to Literal Comprehension

  • Concepts Addressed:
    • Sequence of Events
    • Citing Details
    • Key Ideas.
  • Comprehension strategies and test taking tips, such as crossing out unreasonable answers.
  • After each quiz, kids and teachers receive immediate feedback and data.

Day 2 Writing Process Quiz – Shallow Inference and Paraphrasing

  • Concepts Addressed:
    • Literal Concepts
    • Main Idea
    • Multiple Answers (both A and C)
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Vocabulary and Context Clues
    • Problem and Solution
    • Test-taking Strategies and Comprehension Tips

Day 3 Writing Process Quiz – Shallow Inference and Paraphrasing

  • Concepts Addressed:
    • Identifying Significant Events
    • Research
    • Character Traits
    • Point of View/Perspectives
    • Morals and Underlying Lessons
    • Test-taking Strategies and Comprehension Tips

Lesson Extensions - Short Constructed Response & Student Rubrics

  • 2 open text short constructed response questions with every story
  • Responses are saved for teacher review
  • Students can refer to and use the rubric below each question to grade themselves with a 1, 2 or 3 point answer.

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